Liat Friedman Antwarg

Explainable AI



Best Practices for sharing AI Resources


Efrat Vil

Exploratory data analysis of multivariate data

Noa Barbiro

 Leading Product Development for Deep Learning Computer Vision models, Challenges and mitigations


Product Manager, Data Scientist, and Developer: Friends or Foes?

Maimon, Maya

Cyber Anomaly – Anomaly Detection for Industrial Control Systems


Dana Kaner

labeling against all odds

Shirbi ish

Experimentation: Beyond A/B Testing


Christina Katsimerou

Experimentation without control group

Einat Sitbon

Prediction in real life – defining the predictability domain of models

Noa Agiv

Agile Data Science


Soraya Hausl ‏

Structuring Data Science Teams

Planned Agenda

Planned Agenda